Sunday, August 31, 2003

I married a ham.
No, not the kind of overacting kind (although he has his moments!), but the kind who enjoys "CQ-ing" as an amateur radio operator.
Over the years my wonderful husband has accompanied me to Knit-Outs, bead fairs, contemporary crafts markets, so it was only fair that I go with him to a ham swap meet.
We woke up early to get there, since it started at 7:30AM and the first thing my husband said was "It looks like eBay exploded." Surprisingly, especially since this event was sponsored by an amateur radio club, there wasn't as much ham stuff as he expected. Still, it was fun for him to see some old rigs from his youth and just marvel at some of the apparently useless stuff people were trying to sell. It was actually fun for me too, especially taking my camera and documenting the event through things that appealed to my senses.
Among my favorite items on sale there, were personalized pencils, all saying "Bob", some old record players, tons of obsolete remotes and colorful bins upon bins of teeny electronic parts.
Exhibit A:

Chances that any of these will work is remote.

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