Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Crafts from my past
March is National Craft Month . Have you ever dabbled in other DIY stuff besides knitting or crocheting?
When I was a little lass, I loved model airplanes and would spend hours working on things like these . I still don't know why these fascinated me so much, since I wasn't interested in the military at all. Maybe I just loved peeling the Duco Cement off my fingers!
Then came potholders , huck weaving (which was a class in junior high), tie dying , needlepoint ( I always got too bored to ever complete a project), gum wrapper chains , lanyards and a teeny bit of dabbling into origami, sewing, pottery, crewel, beaded jewelry and candlemaking. Whew! Interesting how those never stuck with me,although I did get back into beads for a while.
You gotta check out the craft books at Klutz . It's a cute gift for the young kids in your life and also a great cheap way for big kids to get reacquainted with old crafts or learn some new ones.

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