Saturday, January 18, 2003

It must be a slow news day....
Because the following item, made the Associated Press newswire:

Actress Emy Coligado Lauds Knitting
The Associated Press
Jan 18 2003 2:14PM
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Emy Coligado, who plays Piama on Fox's ``Malcolm in the Middle'' and Emmy on NBC's ``Crossing Jordan,'' took up knitting between takes and now she's so good that her handiwork is showing up in boutiques and - where else? - television.

``I started knitting scarves and wearing them,'' Coligado said in a news release. ``Now the wardrobe department on 'Crossing Jordan' uses them, too.''

About her TV roles, the Texas native said: ``I think it's fun to be able to do two completely different characters. It keeps me busy and I love being busy.''

Coligado also has returned to her musical roots, playing Luisa in a Los Angeles production of ``The Fantasticks.''

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