Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Gitchy Gitchy Ya Ya Yikes!
"American Idol" starts up again tonight. I am not happy they are pre-empting my beloved "24".
I have to admit, I got into it last year, but now I don't think so. There are pictures everywhere of Simon posing with a scowl or thumbs-down. It's such a commodity now that I am surprised Simon doesn't have a register mark after his name. These shows are fun once. Remember how Alvy Singer tried to recreate his funny lobster date in "Annie Hall"? It's kind of like the more you photocopy something, the weaker the image becomes.
Yeah, I'll catch the first one or two, just to see the nuts, but that's that. After growing up with "The Gong Show", this stuff is pretty old hat anyway. Will I still get sucked in?

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