Monday, November 25, 2002

Must Knit TV
Staceyjoy's been re-animated lately and about to embark on some new stuff. Can't wait to see what she designs.
I've been attempting to make a watch cap on dpn's and while I used them before when Beth taught me to make socks, this time I've been having trouble with them.
I did a Google search on knitting animation thinking there might be some dpn demos and found the cutest thing. An animated show set in a knitting shop called KnitWits and its sequel KnitWits Revisited. These were done several years ago, but I'd think there would be a ton of interest in having it on the air now.
These shorts done by animator/knitter Candy Kugel. Some of her knitting can be found here.

P.S. Gave up on the dpns and happily using circulars. I don't get it why I didn't get it.

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