Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Feh Fatale
My husband and I love to go to bad movies. After reading all the blurbs on "Femme Fatale", we couldn't resist. (Read those. They're hilarious.) After all, "Mission To Mars" (another DePalma spectacle) had us holding our faces with laughter, so we had high (or low) hopes for this one. Well, it didn't disappoint. The dialogue was awful. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos could have used an accent coach. Sample dialogue (imagine bad French accent): "Amereeeka is a beeeeg country, No?" Unbelievably funny!
It's also obvious that DePalma loves wet writhing women, but does he have to share his fetish with the rest of us?
Rebecca has quite an amazing body, which we get to see a lot of. Some people are so genetically blessed, aren't they?

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