Friday, October 25, 2002

I have never laughed so much in my life!!
Why? Read this. I can't believe all the talent that was there that evening. Jennifer Coolidge (the blonde with the lips in Best In Show), Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina of Austin Powers), Paul (Pee Wee Herman) Reubens, Lynn Marie (Miss Yvonne) Stewart, Michael Hitchcock (the preppy guy in Best in Show), Cheryl Hines (from Curb Your Enthusiasm) name a few!! And to top it off, they mingle with the audience before and after the show in character, as actors who belong to this fictitious drama school. When the show was over, the actors served the audience refreshments: Ritz crackers with spray cheese and juice. I can't believe I spoke to "Miss Yvonne"! A hilarious evening!! If you're in L.A., try to catch it. But's a limited engagement.

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