Tuesday, September 10, 2002

How long does jet lag last?
Still feelin' a bit "crispy", but okay.
I didn't have too many knitting adventures while we were away, but unexpectedly came across something interesting. At the Yale Center for British Art , there was an exhibit called Cooking the Books , which documents the amazing creative publishing style of Circle Press . One particular book called "Neighbours We'll Not Part Tonight" was amazing. My sister-in-law read the ballad (written by Roy Fisher on the handknitters of the Dales) out loud, which sounded so lovely in her sweet Kentucky-accent. The design on the front page, was an actual handknitted piece, which was also on display.
It rained most of the time we were in Connecticut, and it was great. Gave us lots of family time to spend together. One rainy afternoon we sat on the back porch, while I knitted, my nephew did impressions of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins (we had watched "Pride and Prejudice" the previous evenings) and we watched Ruby, the adorable border terrier, chase squirrels. I sure do miss everyone.

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