Monday, July 01, 2002

When I first moved here from Brooklyn, NY, I was obsessed with finding copies of the places I loved there. It's funny how a lot of those were food-oriented. After the initial shock of hearing about our move wore off, friends were most concerned about us being able to find good pizza, bagels and mu shu.
Today's Daily Candy has accumulated their picks to help former NY'ers "cope" with living here.
Let's face it, there is virtually no chance of finding a good bagel here, so I'll wait for a trip to NYC for that. Even if I wanted one, my local place closes at 5:00 o'clock!!
I've given up trying to find clones now. There is nothing like the Three Star restaurant here, and I've replaced it with a funky little Mexican place that I can actually walk to from our apt.
I'm still a New Yawka through and through, and unlike many ex-pats, I actually like it here.

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