Tuesday, July 16, 2002

July is almost over. How did that happen? It's summertime, but since I can wear my flip-flops practically all year here, it's business as usual. As I was writing to my nephew, who is thriving at a camp in New England, it made me think about my personal camp experiences in Brooklyn. Our parents couldn't afford "sleep-away" camp, so we went to day camp, which was held in various schools around Brooklyn. It still sort of felt like school, except there was no homework. I was not a very athletic kid, so it was pretty torturous for me. If you weren't good at sports, you were belittled, not encouraged. The food was horrific, too. I could never understand how they made Jell-O with no jiggle.
Every day, I drive by the ocean and see so many active folks. It's still a mystery to me, how people actually play volleyball for fun. I do love to walk and the scenery here is beautiful, so it's easy and fun to do. I've tried tennis, golf, running, but they never "clicked" for me. I always wonder if the NYC school system had treated "athletically challenged" people like myself fairly, how different I'd be now. I still occasionally have dreams about "squat thrusts". "Please, Mrs. Bergman, not one more, okay?? Please???"

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