Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Looking at my stash of bead magazines, reminded me of this amazing exhibit I saw here several years ago. Liza Lou, a bead artist, made an entire kitchen, down to the dishes in the sink, and a backyard, ENTIRELY out of beads. It was incredible! Check out some pics here and here . Because the backyard required literally millions of individual blades of grass, Liza had volunteers help out and I was lucky enough to stumble upon it one day, while just walking around in Santa Monica. It was great fun to have been part of this amazing project. If it ever comes to your area, it's worth seeing.

So Liza Lou's quest is to "Bead the World", and Christo has wrapped all over the world. I was curious to see if any knitters are doing this.
A quick search revealed:knitted chicken covers , a designer Vodka cozy and a balloon cover .

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