Thursday, June 13, 2002

Embarrassing TV confession: I am not a fan of reality tv, since its very existence has impacted the employment status of many writers I know. BUT, the other night I happened upon "American Idol" and I couldn't stop watching it. The "honesty" was too much, as the British guy (Simon) was very cruel. It was, however, bizarrely fascinating to see how deluded some people are about their lack of talent. I give them credit for having the guts to audition in the first place, though.
Although I never had any opinion about Paula Abdul, I gotta say she comes across as a very sweet, compassionate person. She was often at odds with Simon, about his crappy behavior and became visibly moved when someone's voice touched her or when she had to reject some hopefuls.
All day yesterday, I kept hearing this off-key version of "gitchee gitchee ya ya da da" in my head!!!

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